Look on the OCR website. What can you find out about the project?
Activity 1
Read through this mark scheme from the OCR specification.

Under these headings make a list of all the things the examiner could be looking for in each section:
Analysis (3 hours, 0-6 marks available)
Design (4 hours, 0-8 marks available)
Development and Programming techniques (10 hours, 0-20 marks available)
Testing and Evaluation (3 hours, 0-6 marks available)
Activity 2
Look at this list of items you could include:
a) Is there anything on there that you didn't include?
b) Is there anything you included that they missed?
Look at the work your partner has completed so far, what mark would you give it? What do they need to add\improve for homework?
Continue working on the practice non-examined assessment you began during the lesson.