"Welcome to LearningComputing.co.uk a collection of free resources for teaching and learning Computer Science in UK schools.

The documents are all stored on Google Drive so you will need a Google account to access them.

The Key Stage 3 resources are available to everyone. I am still reworking the GCSE and A-level material to make it suitable for the new specification so it’s currently only accessible to my students.

The A/AS-level text book I wrote for Cambridge University Press and OCR is available from a number of sellers including Waterstones and Amazon."

- Mr Surrall

All about me. I am a secondary school Computing teacher based in Oxfordshire. I enjoy using my First Class Computer Science degree to teach innovative and exciting KS3, GCSE & A-level lessons. I am interested in the use of New Technologies in Education and have won a number of awards including the NAACE Third Millennium award and the Business Times Innovation in ICT award (picking up a Masters degree in Technology & Education along the way).

When Computing became part of the national curriculum I was appointed Master Teacher for Oxfordshire, running inset and training days for staff who wanted to begin teaching Computing rather than ICT. I soon found that one of the biggest hurdles facing staff and students was finding a coherent set of resources to facilitate teaching and learning. To that end I’ve written a couple of Computer Science A-Level textbooks for Cambridge University Press as well as filming videos for OCRs GCSE Computing MOOC. I’ve also run workshops with Oxford, Oxford Brooks and Reading Universities as well as presenting at SSAT and BETT.

A few years ago people started asking for examples of my schemes of work, lesson plans and resources so now I just post them all online. I adore Google Apps for Education (I am Google Apps Certified) so I host everything on Google Drive to make it even easier to access. If you find anything useful feel free to use it though I can’t guarantee that it’s all copyright free (if you spot anything that’s not copyright free please let me know and I’ll take it down!).


Mr Surrall